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Body massage Dubai

Салон эротического массажа Bella Spa, Дубай

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Every day at Bella Spa there is an Early Bird Offer, which allows you to get 60 minutes of European massage with a discount. Bella Aroma Massage Offer Promo: from 10 am to 3pm Price: AED 420 AED 350 per hour Relaxing Massage Offer Promo: from 10 am to 3pm Price: AED 420 AED 350 per hour
There are many varieties of classical massage. One of the branches is the Swedish massage. It helps you learn the basics of the other techniques and hone your skills. Let's get to know it better. What is Swedish massage in Dubai? Swedish massage is an effective therapy and excellent prevention. Massage helps to treat illnesses and diagnose them. The techniques are based on the methods of the Greeks, Chinese, ancient Russians, Arabs and Romans. It is based on the techniques of classical massage.
Professional aromatherapy massage in Dubai is an effective method of improving well-being, achieving relaxation and mental balance. Its effect is based on the action of essential oils. It has been proven to relieve spasms, muscle fatigue, reduce pain and eliminate toxins. Preparation for Bella aroma massage Before the procedure, the client takes a warm shower. It is also necessary to observe the conditions: refraining from the use of perfumes and deodorants for two hours before the session; abstaining from alcohol for one day; two hours before the aroma massage, do not eat. The combination of jasmine and Thai rose oil creates a truly royal aroma, producing a healing effect, relieving stress and fatigue and uplifting mood. The massage technique does not use sharp, deep and strong strokes. The master uses sliding circular movements and low-contact techniques. The session lasts until the oil is completely absorbed into the skin. Bella aroma massage can be used for the entire body or for specific areas. For example, for the back - it releases tiredness and muscle tension, for the stomach - improves digestion, normalizes metabolism, for legs - gets rid of edema, for the face - prevents the appearance of wrinkles. The effect is to normalize pressure, relieve stress and fatigue, get rid of headaches
A person's positive tone of life and well-being depend largely on the condition of the body. Even in ancient times Tibetan znakharins were aware of the great power of massage techniques, so they used various methods of massage to improve a person's health. Relaxing massage is very popular today to relieve fatigue, overstress and swelling, and improve blood circulation. European massage can help with spinal problems, as well as ligament and nerve injuries. Relaxing Back Massage Relaxing back massage helps to form the muscular cortex of the spine, so it is recommended for people of all ages. In general, with the help of this type of massage can achieve the following goals: Strengthen the overall condition of the person; Conduct prevention of diseases of the musculoskeletal system; Carry out auxiliary treatment of certain diseases. The benefits of relaxing back massage Almost instantly removes fatigue and stress - a person has a sense of joy and mental harmony, improves health and peace of mind. Some psychotherapists prescribe this type of massage for depression and insomnia, and replace them with many antidepressants. Excellent stimulator of metabolic processes in the body. Positive effect on the state of the skin. Good prevention of varicose veins and cellulite formations in the buttocks. Strengthening the immune system.
During a deep tissue massage, the masseur can affect those muscles that cannot be worked by classical massage procedures. The masseurs use a special technique of Swedish massage, with a more intense pressure that requires more effort than in a classical relaxing massage. Therapeutic effect of the deep tissue massage Deep tissue massage is used to: preventing varicose veins, by activating venous outflow and accelerating blood circulation; removal of excess fluid from the soft tissues and the removal of edema; normalization of muscles; return healthy-looking skin; muscle relaxation; release of tension in deep tissues; the quickest elimination of lactic acid concentration in muscles after intensive sports training. This full body massage is performed with great effort from the theapist, with one hand held vertically and exerting pressure. His other hand can play a supporting role. Another technique is forearm strokes, which are most often used on the broad muscles of the back. Fist strokes are used for very compacted areas and for diseases of the musculoskeletal system.
Natural stones are one of the oldest remedies that people used to restore strength and energy of the body. Modern hot stone massage in Dubai includes the best elements of classical Oriental techniques and modern techniques based on deep scientific knowledge. Your gain after the session will be tranquility, health and mental equilibrium. How useful and pleasant is the stone massage This massage uses heated stones of volcanic origin, with different shapes and weights; it enhances the health of all body systems and organs and its complementary action on the energy centers strengthens the spirit and soothes fatigue.
Bella Spa Massage Center provides Hawaiian Lomi Lomi massage. The effects of this massage extend not only to the physical, but also to the emotional and spiritual spheres.
Imagine that over your body "conjure" 2 professional massage therapists from our spa, the movements of which are honed to every detail. Four hands massage technique combines 4 types of massage: Relaxing massage, Bella Aroma massage, Deep Tissue and Swedish massage. Thanks to the coordinated and precise movements of the hands of specialists, you feel a pleasant pleasure, soft relaxation and comfort. What do you need to know about the procedure? Before the procedure, you should adhere to the following conditions: 2 hours before it is not recommended to eat; 24 hours before the session it is not recommended to consume alcohol and narcotic substances; Before the massage, it is necessary to take a warm shower, so that the impact on the organs and tissues will be stronger. The peculiarity of this type of Dubai massage is the absence of strong and abrupt movements. The masseur smoothly slides her hands over your back and body, giving you a restful and relaxing effect. The gliding movements and low-contact techniques ensure that you are comfortable with the massage. The 4-hand massage can be done for the entire body or for specific areas. This gradually normalizes your blood pressure, eliminates stress, relaxes you and relieves headaches.
The 6-hand massage is a classic general massage, only it is performed simultaneously by three masseurs. And if one masseur first works on your back, then proceeds to the hands and feet, three masseurs simultaneously massage the entire body. Thus, during one hour the work which a masseur performs during 2-3 hours is fulfilled. Masseurs work synchronously, with the same intensity. The intensity of the massage may be light, or it may be more intense, focusing on certain parts of the body. The massage begins gradually, with one masseur working first, then the second and third. This way the client feels the increase in intensity gradually and has a chance to get used to the new sensations. To achieve the desired effect, the three masseurs train for a long time on the models in order to work out the movements until there is no clear synchronism between them. In the process of work, the masseurs may change places, and you simply will not be able to catch everything that they do to your body with 6 hands.



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