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  • 22 апреля, 2024
Body massage Dubai

Салон эротического массажа Machka Beauty & Body Design, Дубай

Массажные программы

Программы для мужчин

Reduce swelling and encourage movement of lymph flow through the body.
Is a therapy that involves the application of a massage through the use of various utensils of wood of different sizes and shapes, and specially designed to adapt to different parts of the body.
Full body massage with high quality massage oils to help reduce tension and stress.

Программы для женщин

Shaping your tummy, back, thighs, arms, and other problem areas by manual slimming massage.
Helps toning face & skin, define cheeks, remove under eyes puffiness, define jawline & enhance lymphatic drainage.
Is a deep pressure technique that helps reduce the appearance of cellulite by breaking up fatty deposits that form beneath the skin.
Perfect for pregnant women that want to get some rest and relaxation in a safe and comforting manner.



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