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Body massage Dubai

Салон эротического массажа Mirage Spa, Дубай

Массажные программы

Программы для мужчин

Swedish massage has rightfully lived up to the status of classic massage therapy because it is suitable both for people who have decided to try massage therapy for the first time and for experienced spa visitors. This massage therapy focuses on deep relaxation and tension relief of the entire body as its main goal. Regardless of your health conditions, the massage therapist will select the best techniques to provide the optimal level of pressure on the tissues, relax muscle tension and improve blood circulation. There are many benefits of this therapeutic massage, so let's consider some of them and learn about Swedish full-body massage overall.
When you feel tired in seemingly every part of your body and want to relax as soon as possible, forgetting about anxiety and stress, then the best time is to come to Mirage Spa for relaxing massage therapy. This is a regular massage that is suitable for any person, regardless of their pain threshold and physical fitness. To immerse yourself in a world of pleasure, come to our Mirage spa and massage center in Jumeirah to get the relaxing massage of your life!
When it seems to you that pain in your whole body prevents you from living easily and joyfully, and you feel discomfort or even clamps in your muscles, then it's time to think about deep tissue massage therapy. Such a massage will give you not only a soothing effect but will also work out the most problematic areas, thanks to the use of the most effective techniques to overcome chronic pain and muscle soreness used by professionals at Mirage Spa in Jumeirah. Let us look at the main features of deep tissue massage and its benefits compared to regular massage.
Dubai is famous for its massage centers which specialize in various massage techniques and employ professional massage therapists, both with local clients and foreign residents. Here in Mirage, one of the best spa in Dubai, you can find any massage therapy to satisfy even the pickiest tastes together with high-standard services. People turn to massage therapists when they either suffer from aches and pains or when they are in search of deep relaxation and wish to reduce stress and muscle tension. Practitioners also acknowledge the benefits of massage therapy and recommend different massages to improve blood circulation, relieve muscle and connective tissue soreness, get a myofascial release or keep the circulatory system in order.
What is a four-hands massage, actually? A four hands massage is a kind of European massage where two massage therapists work on the whole body at the same time during a massage session to give every single client an ultimate pleasure and relaxing experience. Two therapists make synchronized moves when working on your body simultaneously. It is true that any traditional massage is a beneficial body therapy, but if you think of four hands at one treatment session, you can multiply the effect by two. Not only that, a four hands massage can involve various massage techniques. Four hands massage service is different from a conventional relaxing massage or pressure-point massage in regards to one factor: instead of one masseuse, you will get two therapists — hence the name 'four hands massage' — who will pamper your body with rhythmic gliding movements, using their palms (sometimes an elbow, too).
Among the many different types of massage in Dubai, people most often opt for standard techniques. However, we recommend paying attention to a special massage, which is a 6-hands massage in Dubai. This massage treatment differs from other categories of massage primarily in that not one therapist is involved in the massage process, but three massage therapists at once who work synchronously. At Mirage, perhaps, the best European and Russian massage center and spa in Jumeirah, Dubai, you can get such a massage session. However, we recommend choosing a regular massage treatment strategy wisely because six-hand massage can not only remove toxins and detox the body but also give deep healing sensations, help establish a connection between body and mind and relieve discomfort in everything in the body. In this short review, we will talk about the benefits of massage therapy, reveal the risks of this body-healing therapy, and give a couple of tips to those who want to get a six hands massage at Mirage spa in Jumeirah.

Программы для пар

Do you want some top-quality full-body relaxation? Does your loved one want the same? That's great then because now you can treat you two to a special couple massage. Dubai has a perfect place for such a service. Mirage is among the best European and Russian massage centers in Jumeirah, which has the best couple massage in Dubai. So if you search "couples spa near me" or "couples massage near me" on the web, Mirage is a perfect option for you.

Программы для женщин

If you wish to slow down and are striving to release tension, massage therapy with a professional massage therapist is your choice. Massage has been known to be a perfect tool for relieving pains and improving blood circulation as well as maintaining muscle tone and blood pressure. Not only do massage sessions bring health benefits and minimize muscle tension, but they can also reduce stress levels and calm down your nervous system - in other words, they give a soothing effect and deep relaxation to your whole body and mind. There are a lot of massage techniques and types, especially in Dubai, where massage therapy has a long story and is one of the reasons for coming to the city, and aromatherapy with essential oils is one of the top relaxation techniques.
Have you ever felt your facial muscles grow tense after a hard work day? The thing is that our face reflects all the worries and anxiety we experience throughout our life. Often, all it needs is a good facial massage to relax, detox, and reduce stress. You may not take the soothing and relieving effect of a facial massage seriously enough. However, a massage session with a professional massage therapist can work pure miracles on sagging skin, turning it into a glowing and healthy condition, bringing your body and mind back to harmony. Your blood circulation improves as well, which is essential for healthy skin. Albeit one can easily learn some basic facial therapy techniques and add them to the regular skincare routine on their own, it is much more beneficial for your well-being to have the treatment with a licensed massage therapist. You may ask yourself, “Is there a decent place with a facial massage near me?” Luckily, for those who live or just visit Dubai, there is a chance to feel deep relaxation and try out several facial massages at Mirage Spa in Jumeirah, Dubai. Every masseuse works perfectly with fingers and uses quality massage tools only. These include gua sha and facial rollers made of rose quartz to make the mind-body therapy utmostly pleasant. Let us see what benefits you can get from the scalp, neck, and facial massage and what techniques are available in our European and Russian Massage Center and Spa in Jumeirah, Dubai.
Hot stone massage therapy is among the most popular practices loved by massage admirers in Dubai. It is an advanced technique that involves both hot and cold stones and lets one feel deep relaxation and relieve stress and chronic pain. Stress relief occurs as hot stones are applied to various parts of a person's body, leading to deep relaxation. We will list the benefits of hot stone massage, uncover some risks and limitations, and give a couple of recommendations to those who plan to sign up for a hot stone massage for the first time.



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