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  • 22 апреля, 2024
Body massage Dubai

Салон эротического массажа Allora SPA, Дубай

Массажные программы

Программы для мужчин

RELAXING EXPERIENCE MASSAGE WILL LEAVE YOU TOTALLY REJUVENATED AND UNWIND. Relaxing massage is specific using blended oil with personal advice will ensure you get a treatment which suits your specific needs of body.
A full body massage using natural oils and warm volcanic stones for reliving muscle tension, body nots helps to rejuvenate and be young.
The deep–tissue massage without any creams or oils that relaxes your muscle aches through pressure point pressing.

Программы для пар

An encouraging and significant experience with your partner, soft to strong pressure extracts skills of therapists working at one momentum for both the partners to get pampered with the removal of stress.

Программы для женщин

It’s a therapy on physiology where the therapist smooth ens the skin with oil and abundant massage techniques to release stress remove of knots with more stretching and muscle tissue with upper scale techniques to warm up the tissue and perform various strokes to create pressure.
Thai massage comes from the Buddha culture from 2500 years ago which got a name in Thailand with Ayurvedic style and traditional culture it gets an improvement in flexibility and motion with several stretching style and get rid of joint pain.
It’s a therapy that is used to support the whole body by feet giving special pressure with techniques for toes, feet & ankles asymmetry in our body can be treated immediately to encourage the body’s natural healing process.
Relaxing your body after a long flight or busy day, completely rejuvenates your body by giving extra care by cooling leg rub, to remove swollen & tired legs with a complete full body massage, just lag massage makes the adjustment with time zone naturally.
The best way to improve blood circulation, improve oxygen level which reduces the aches and pain specify neck, back, and shoulder at the same time it tones up, and loosens up the weight by reducing the water fat level its makes you to come out of depression and make you alert always.



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